Movement of thought and creation on Colombia and Latin America that creates spaces for inclusion through art expression, culture, and processes of symbolization, in a quest for political power and meanings of the word, criticism, the recognition of difference and practice of consensus, rather than politics as a homogenizer, polarizing and alienating exercise.

"Moving nuances to
culture's depolarization"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

September 14th, Matiz~Nuance Exhibition & Roundtable: "BODY OF KNOWLEDGE"

Tuesday September 14th
Time: 7-9PM
Wychwood Theatre/Artscape Wychwood Barns
601 Christie Street
Toronto, ON, M6G 4C7

“Body of knowledge” is part of a series of Exhibitions and round-table discussions organized by Matiz-Nuance MultiArts Movement. This series, which addresses the political through Latin American artists in Toronto, will integrate different artistic and academic perspectives to generate discussions and dialog between the public and the participating artists. “Body of Knowledge” will feature five artists who will present their work in the first half and will engage in dialog in the second half.

Julieta Maria


Olga Barrios, dancer.

Claudia Bernal, Interdisciplinary artist.
Pierre-Yves Serinet, Director of Magic Blancket Productions.
Jorge Lozano, film and video artist.
Rodrigo Hernandez, visual artist.

This series is carried out in collaboration with e-fagia organization and is co-presented by aluCine Festival and Allende Arts Festival. Thanks to the support of the Ontario Arts Council.

Contact Info:
Carmen Ocampo
Matiz~Nuance Executive Director

Julieta Maria
Matiz~Nuance Curator

Projects Info:

1. Dance - Behind Windows by Olga barrios Choreographer and Dancer.

Behind windows is a piece that depicts aspects of dehumanization of violence through acts of war. In this work I recount stories of women and men from Colombia, my country of origin. Though these are not events from my own personal history, I feel they are part of my story: there is a fear in the atmosphere of a silent war.

2. Performance
- The tree of oblivion by Claudia Bernal and Pierre-Yves Serinet.

The Tree of Oblivion is a piece in which the movements and actions are inspired by texts by Victor Jara and Pablo Neruda, two important figures of Latin American resistance. It is a mix of music, theatre and performance. Claudia and Pierre are brought to Toronto thanks to the support of AluCine Toronto Latin Media Arts Festival.

3. Video
The New(be)comers Adult Knowledge by Rodrigo Hernandez.

“The New(be)comers” is an artistic research project. The aims of the research is to investigate and reflect on the knowledge that newcomer adults bring with them when they arrive to Toronto, specifically the kind of knowledge which in light of their situation may become devalued. The New(be)comers employs artistic means to reconsider and document this knowledge and to disseminate this knowledge in the form of artworks, via their public presentation and circulation in cultural institutions, educational settings and publications: thus reaffirming its importance and generating interest on newcomers knowledge.

4. Video Moving Still- Still Life by Jorge Lozano.

Moving Still – Still Life is an experimental documentary in seven screens that reflects on youth and gang culture in a marginalized neighbourhood in Cali, Colombia. The split screens investigate how the environment affects the emotions and behavior of individuals, and also offers simultaneous views that frame the testimonies offered to the camera.

Photo by Emma Walker, Designer by Arlan Londoño, Dancer: Olga Barrios
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